Kapton datasheet

Kapton datasheet

F) and as high as 400°C ( 752°F). HN film can be laminate metallize punche formed or adhesive coated. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS.

Where necessary for thorough understanding . Boedeker Plastics, Inc.

Improved Margin of Operational. In development and testing by . P-2AMB is for heavy-duty, high temperature applications where a 1-mil polyimide will not provide adequate strength or physical protection. Customer Support Center.

Except for Sat, Sun, and Holidays. Die Informationen in diesem Datenblatt basieren auf gleichen Informationen unseres Vorlieferanten. Die angegebenen Daten sind typische Werte, Abweichungen sind aus . This tape is used where toughness, puncture resistance, extreme resistance to heat, and flame retardance .

NuSil Silicone Technology. With its low thermal mass, superb electrical insulating properties and excellent resistance to most chemicals, it allows high power densities with fast and efficient thermal transfer. Material Safety Data Sheet. MBC Contains: Proprietary Filler.

Kapton Tape – Mil Technical Data Sheet. This heat-stabilized film surpasses the dimensional stability of polyester, and will thermoset to increase . It is designed for high temperature applications. Type VN is available as 12. Temperature use range is -100° to 500°F (-73°C to.

260°C). Thermosetting Silicone Adhesive. High temperature applications to. Like all 3M insulated . Polyimide Film Tape with. POLYIMIDE RESIN SYSTEM.

It is formulated for high temperature applications where low void content is critical. Tough dielectric barrier against cut-through.

Designed to replace ceramic insulators. Sil -Pad K-is a high performance insulator. It combines special film with a filled silicone . This product is amber colored and 2. TENCATE ADVANCED COMPOSITES. Composites Division 900HT resin system.

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