Fuji xf 23 f2 review

Fuji xf 23 f2 review

Looking for a Fujifilm 23mm freview ? See my XF 23mm fvs 23mm f1. Fujifilm has been gaining an enviable following with their X Mount range and now have released two compact prime lenses that evoke the form factor of the traditional rangefinder lens. Both are compact, weather resistant and are . With the (mostly) positive reception to the Fujifilm 35mm FWR lens, following its launch earlier this year, the announcement a sibling 23mm FWR lens was in development caused quite a stir amongst Fuji X -Mount shooters.

So much so, that when the lens finally started shipping, supply quickly became . This weather-sealed prime lens is 35mm equivalent field of view in full frame terms and makes a perfect street and general . Lens names seldom roll off the tongue. Most sport an alphabet soup of millimeters and f-numbers, and while these tell us most of what we need to know about a lens, this valuable info is rarely evocative on its own. In 35mm terms, the 23mm represents a focal length of 35mm, making it a classic “walkaround” type lens.

In its name, XF denotes the fact that this belongs in the higher class of . I went out and purchased this lens after watching a few positive reviews (yours included). R, which however is a bit bulky and also rahter expensive.

It lives alongside the 23mm f1. R and works in conjunction with the 35mm fR WR. Sometimes we get lucky. Michael Topham finds out. Credits: Amateur Photographer. So this is NOT my full review.

Is this the ultimate lens for Fuji X street photographers? Hit the jump for my Fuji 23mm fstreet photography review ! I love the way it renders and found the autofocus to be more than fast enough for what I usually shoot. However, every once in a while I would encounter an unsolvable problem with that lens.

With an equivalent focal length of 35mm, this is one of the most versatile prime lenses to have. The much awaited 23mm f2. Street, travel, and wedding photographers all love this field of view. Indee the only aspect that let it down was its large proportions relative to those of Fujifilm X series bodies, especially the smaller models such as the X-Tor X- A3. Kameras und Zubehör zu günstigen Preisen.

Photozone tested the one Fujinon lens, that made all the other X-mount lenses useless: the Fujinon XF23mm F2. You can buy a lot of things that will help your photography for that price , such as a whole set of filters, a premium tripo or even an annual Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom plan.